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High Quality Golden Healer Obelisks from Brazil Choose Your Own! Golden Healer Quartz Tower Obelisk from Brazil

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This listing is for ONE high quality golden healer obelisk from Brazil! You may choose your own obelisk from the listing photos!

Golden Healer Quartz is a versatile crystal known for its comprehensive healing attributes. It combines the powerful qualities of Clear Quartz and Hematite, making it a master healer with properties that amplify and manifest intentions. Like Clear Quartz, this crystal can be programmed with specific intentions, and its exceptionally high vibrations elevate one's own frequencies in a subtle yet effective manner. It offers healing for present and past life traumas, consolidating these experiences into a state of peace and clarity. Using Golden Healer Quartz in meditation can illuminate ancestral emotions or experiences that need addressing for healing to commence.

Possessing Golden Healer Quartz is akin to having a fragment of the sun, profoundly impacting ones consciousness with its strong energy. It envelopes the user in the suns warm golden light, filling them with life force and dispelling negativity from their aura. This crystal harnesses celestial energies to facilitate the highest levels of spiritual and energetic ascension, clearing blockages and enhancing energy flow. It fosters a connection with the divine, aligning personal will with divine intentions, thus opening pathways to one's highest self and enabling the reception of messages and guidance for ultimate well-being.

Golden Healer Quartz reaches deep into cellular structures to eliminate outdated behaviors, balancing yin and yang energies to foster positive life changes and recognition of detrimental patterns. This introspective process helps in understanding and altering these patterns, offering the strength needed for these adjustments. It serves as a reminder that significant changes require time and patience.

This crystal resonates with all chakras, particularly energizing the Solar Plexus, Crown, and Root Chakras. It boosts inner strength and creativity through the Solar Plexus Chakra, and channels Universal Love throughout the body via the Crown Chakra, cleansing and rebalancing as it moves. Golden Healer unlocks one's ultimate potential, encouraging the pursuit of aspirations with enthusiasm and positivity, and opening up new possibilities for achievement and fulfillment.