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UV Reactive Amber Calcite Specimens Raw Natural Fluorescent & Phosphorescent Amber Calcite Dogtooth Crystal Specimens Choose Your Own!

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Choose your own stunning top quality raw and natural UV reactive amber calcite specimen from Dachang Mine, located in Guizhou Province, China! These specimens are of incredible quality, and each display wonderful fluorescence (as well as some phosphorescence for a brief period when the UV light source is removed!). Each specimen comes mounted in a perky box for easy storage, protection and display

Locality: Dachang Mine, Qinglong, Guizhou Province, China


Amber calcite is thought to enhance mental clarity, promote positive energy flow, and aid in manifestation and overcoming obstacles. It is one of the most effective stones to work with when undertaking complex tasks requiring focus and persistence over the long term, as it enhances mental clarity, concentration, and focus. It is also particularly effective in overcoming self-sabotaging behaviors that are holding one back from achieving their potential, particularly procrastination. In addition to these wonderful properties, this crystal is quite beneficial in reducing feelings of fatigue, weakness, and emotional overwhelm.